Family Mediation

A better way for separation and divorce?

Court can be a stressful, challenging and expensive method to end a relationship. Collaborative family law (which includes family mediation) is an excellent option for people who are looking for greater control over the separation process and are wanting to have their opinions, and those of their children, respected and considered. It strives to preserve ongoing relationships between parents, children and other family members and to allow the family to create a new structure for the family during a stressful and difficult time in everyone’s life.

One of our lawyers, Adele Letwin, is a certified family law mediator. Adele has always had an interest in mediation and collaborative law, which included course work in alternate dispute resolution while completing her law degree. She has experience completing negotiated family law agreements, including using 4 way meetings and mediation to settle agreement terms. Adele has participated in civil, family, and child protection mediations throughout her career, and has seen how effective mediation and other collaborative processes can be when dealing with extremely high conflict family law cases.

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