Our family law lawyers have experience with a variety of adoption applications, including both child and adult adoptions. Whether you would like to adopt a stepchild, a foster child, the child of a friend or family member, or a child placed in your care by an adoption agency, our lawyers are happy to navigate the court procedures and paperwork.

Our lawyers provide advice to both biological parents and prospective adoptive parents on the effect of adoption, consenting to adoptions and revocation of consent to adoption. Determining who is required to consent to an adoption, obtaining consent, and, if necessary, applying to dispense with consent, can be among the most complex and challenging aspects of an adoption application. Our lawyers can provide invaluable advice and legal services with respect to these issues.

Typically adoption applications proceed by way of ‘desk order’. This means that a lawyer does not have to go to Court to argue for the order in front of a judge, nor do any witnesses need to go to Court to give oral testimony. Instead, all materials are written and all evidence is given by way of written affidavits. However, if an adoption order is contested, meaning an interested party disputes the granting of the order, then it will need to be argued in court. If needed, our litigators have the experience and skills necessary to effectively represent you in court.