Construction Liens and Commercial Litigation

A big part of our work in assisting the Maple Ridge business community as lawyers involves resolving building and other business disputes.  We are pleased to offer advice and legal help to our corporate clients and to other businesses, in an approachable and practical manner.

Builders Lien

For the small tradesman, the Claim of Builders Lien can be a valuable collection tool.  However, there are strict rules and time limitations applicable.  We can help you secure your claims against a job site in a timely and effective manner.  We can also assist land owners when questionable liens are filed against their property.  In many cases, the lien is only the starting point for resolving a dispute and we have the expertise to follow through when court involvement becomes necessary.


For small businesses, the thought of litigation – suing or being sued – can be daunting.  We can help you assess your options and decide if and when you should proceed with mediation or a court action.  For disputes over sums in excess of $35,000, the rules of the B.C. Supreme Court can be complicated.  Our Maple Ridge Litigator, Tim Watkins, deals with these matters on a daily basis and can guide you through the process.  We will help you to take a proactive approach, navigating the process to avoid delays and keep expenses down.  It is our practice to encourage negotiation and settlement where possible.  However, in those few cases where it is necessary to go before a judge to obtain a fair result, we have the commitment and experience to see your matter through to trial.