Business Law (Corporate / Commercial)


Our experienced Maple Ridge Business Lawyers can help you with all your corporate and commercial needs. No matter is too big or small. You need to be focusing on your making your business thrive, not on legal issues. Our Maple Ridge Business lawyers can take care of the legal matters and ensure your interests are protected while you grow your business. We advise and assist on a variety of business matters such as starting, operating, reorganizing or selling / purchasing your business.

Business purchase or Business sale

Let us handle the negotiation of terms, the drafting or review of the many documents involved and guiding you through to the successful purchase of a business / company or sale of a business / company.

Asset Purchase Agreements and Share Purchase Agreements

Determining which agreement you need, drafting or reviewing the asset purchase agreement or the share purchase agreement, and ensuring your interests are fully protected are how we can help.

Incorporation / Corporate Structure

Many think incorporating a company is the ‘right thing to do’ when starting a business, but that is not necessarily true for everyone. Why incur the set-up cost, additional yearly upkeep costs and accounting costs when it isn’t necessary? We can advise whether a corporation (company) is indeed the right legal entity for your business and discuss the pros and cons of various legal entities for your business. If we determine incorporating is the right step, then we can quickly and efficiently incorporate a company for you to start your next business venture.

Maintaining Corporations

Once you have a company, it requires annual maintenance. We can prepare and file your company’s annual filings and keep your company in good standing. We can also create the documents required by law to formalize any changes to your company, including directors’ resolutions or shareholders’ resolutions.

Partnership Agreements and Shareholder Agreement

Relying on someone’s word or dealing with issues when they arise, is a recipe for disaster. If you’re going into business with others, we can ensure essential terms are agreed upon and captured in either a partnership agreement or a shareholder agreement, so there are no surprises in the future. These agreements will provide clarity on how things will unfold upon the occurrence of certain event and avoid costly disputes down the line.

Corporate Reorganizations

We can prepare all the legal documents necessary to implement your corporate reorganization plan.

Maintaining Corporate Records (registered and records office)

We can be your registered and records office, keeping your company’s record book / minute book safe and sound at our office, ensuring that your annual filings are done each year and your company remains in good standing.

Construction Law

Have a construction related issue, our Maple Ridge Business Lawyers can advise you on what steps are available to you.

Business Disputes

Has a business relationship broken down? Want to spend more time growing your business rather than arguing with a business partner? We can assist resolve the business dispute and advise on what remedies are available for resolution of the matter.

Drafting and Review of Commercial Leases

Are you a tenant or a landlord of a commercial premises? We have experience drafting and reviewing commercial lease agreements, from both the landlord’s and the tenant’s perspective.

Advising Franchisees and Franchisors

Entering into a franchise agreement? We can provide a number of services regarding your franchise or franchised business ensuring your interests are protected.