Real Estate

The Biggest Transaction of your Life?

Buying, selling or developing a property will likely be the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. You owe it to yourself to have competent legal representation for this pivotal transaction. Buying a house or selling a house can also be a complicated transaction, especially when having to deal with the mortgage requirements from a bank. Let us guide you through the legal steps of the property buying or selling process, give you the right advice and ensure that your largest investment is a done correctly. The services our Maple Ridge Real Estate lawyers and our Real Estate Law group provide, include:

  • Real estate conveyancing (transfer of property being bought or sold)
  • Real estate development (sub-divisions, reference plans, zoning)
  • Covenants, charges, liens – preparation, registration and removal (discharge)
  • Mortgage financing and refinance of real estate
  • Drafting and review (legal advice) of a contract of purchase and sale
  • Drafting, review and advice on leases
  • We are approved counsel for all the major financial institutions in our community.