Strata Law

Fed Up With Your Neighbours? Does Your Strata Council Need Assistance?

Strata or condominium living can be amazing. Sharing expenses and common facilitate, and having friendly neighbours nearby definitely has its benefits. However, having to decide on rules, bylaws, infractions, enforcement and contracts to be entered into with all of your fellow owners, often results in strata disputes. Whether you are an owner of a strata lot or on the strata council in a strata complex, our experienced Maple Ridge Strata Lawyers can assist you. If you require legal advice, assistance with a dispute or any other support in your strata or condominium, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our services include:

  • Draft, review and update of the strata’s Bylaws and Rules;
  • Strata disputes (assisting both strata owners and strata council / strata corporations)
  • Legal Opinions
  • Strata Property Act interpretation or any related legislation
  • Demand Letters (to or from strata council)
  • Strata Corporation debt collection / Strata Liens